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trulyfreegayrightsIf you consider the notion of “legalizing gay marriage” you’ll quickly come to the realization that “legalization” equates to a “consensus of the majority.” This causes one to wonder what exactly is wrong with our society that we need everyone to agree on everything.

What is wrong with us that we are so insecure about our own choices that we cannot live the way we want without everyone else’s approval? Moreover, why are we so insecure about our own choices that we must first approve of the beliefs or choices of other people in a legal framework before allowing them to carry on? Yes, I’m aware that homosexuality is not a choice, no more than being Asian is a choice; bear with me. What I am saying is, why do we live in a society where there needs to be a consensus on an individual’s validity?

There’s something darkly disturbing about this type of collectivist thinking. It speaks of a lack of confidence in the individual, a fear of differences. This type of society lends itself to a homogenous world view that discourages deviation from the norm, and keeps a list of ‘acceptable’ and ‘unacceptable’ ways of thinking and living. The only question we should be asking ourselves is: why do I even get a say over someone else’s life?